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Barcode Generator to print barcode labels with valuable data implementation
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10 December 2014

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This, as the name suggests, is a barcode label creator and printer.

Easy Barcode Creator is an effective barcode generating software that also is quick It. is able to generate barcodes that are linear or use 2 dimensional symbols. With this tool, you can customize barcode height, width, background and foreground color, white spaces and border. Rotating the barcode is also possible. The interface is straightforward and allows for creation, editing and printing and storage of the same in an image format. It is possible for a newbie to become productive very quickly. You choose the symbol set to be used. The sets that are supported to include the more popular ones such as Code 11, Code 128 (ISO 15417), Code 16k, Code 2 of 5 Data Logic, code 2 of 5 IATA, Code 2 of 5 Industrial, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, Code 2 of 5 Matrices, ISBN etc.

Having chosen the code set to be used from the drop down list, you set the height of the code bars, white spaces to be used, colors in background and foreground, if the border is to be used and then the data in the text box provided for it. There is a preview window that shows you the labels as it is created. If you are happy with what you got, then save or print as you need it. Else change and go over the design again. This is obviously a designer that lets you create one label at a time. There are no features for creating a series of labels and different ways of generating numbers for such a series. Thus, if you have a heavy duty need, this tool is not for you. On the other hand, if you generate a few labels a day, this is an easy tool for that task.

Publisher's description

Barcode Generator to print bar codes tag with valuable data implementation. Bar coding software can makes thousands of bar images with dynamics data which represent at specific goods also tag sticks contain messages and price of goods. Bar labels is good and easy worth application made for several products and industries, support codabar, code 11, upc, ean, code 39, postnet, planet and more for retail and different industry. Barcode Image Generator for creation of barcode with saving and printing features. Barcodes label creator software can makes number of bar images with volorful text and values also support bearer bar setting horizontally and vertically for barcodes. Barcoding is important for several industries such as automobiles, textiles, retail, airlines ticketing, medical, medicine and more different multiple sectors, as product support more than 30 fonts. Barcode generator software feature: * Bars coding is simple and easyly creation can made also handle to customize as per needs of user such a arrange the color of text and bars, set the alingment of value with bar, generates margin. * UPC Barcode Creator Utility program is specially developed to create colorful, ready to print images according to selective business needs. * Designing Barcodes with selection of 34 formats or fonts for industries and sectors. * Copy images of barcode in microsoft word. * Barcodes labeling is simple to generate and easy to create with different values above and below images and also creates static values on bar codes. * Barcodes Software is well-matched with all windows based operating system like Windows Vista, NT, XP, 98, ME, 2000, 2003 server etc.
Easy Barcode Creator
Easy Barcode Creator
Version 2.2.5
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